It is really no surprise that Ad Age is reporting that “Warm and Fuzzy” ads are topping  a recent viewer poll.

This year, retailers with a mix of emotional branding spots and promotional ads topped the list in a survey of consumers’ favorite holiday commercials. The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association survey finds Best Buy, Kohl’s, Old Navy and Toys R’ Us climbing the ranks this year, with Old Navy and Toys R’ Us cracking the top ten.Ad Age

“Consumers are in an uncertain place this year, so they’re looking for warm and fuzzy,”

The holidays are already an emotional time and with budgets tightening and the economy shrinking there is a increased demand for things that comfort and soothe and the cheaper the better.

For many, the trips to the day spa, and expensive extras are going to be put on hold for a bit. So, we expect to see more and people looking for their creature comforts in smaller doses and a little closer to home.

Now is the time to think small. Small price, Small Portions, Small Indulgence,Small Distance, Big relief.

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