Last week we ran across t-shirt company i/denti/tee that makes t-shirts printed with song lyrics that start with the letter i. For Example, I love rock and roll, I walk the line etc. The lyrics  are written as one word in a simple font on the front of the shirt.

has partnered up with organic/ethical t-shirt maker Edun live and itunes and that means that every $ 35 i/denti/tee shirt helps provide good paying jobs for people in impoverished areas of Africa and comes with 10 free itunes downloads.

Before the Internet you had to be “in the know” to even have a clue that certain bands existed. If you wanted to find out if someone was really a punk, or rocker or hip-hop head all you had to do was to throw out a couple band names and bam! You would know instantly if they were a poser.

It wasn’t like you could just search punk and find a list of bands to check out, you had to follow a scene to really be a part of it. That took time and desire. Because of that, your record collection and the bands you liked defined you in a way that was much more meaningful than it does today. i.e. How can you call yourself a ( fill in the blank) if you don’t have ( fill in the blank)!

This is starting to sound like a Time Travel piece; it’s not.  It’s a mix of Deity Complex and Power Plays

Not only are these shirts a  way to make a personal statement, they are also a good way to fish out the real lovers of a genre. For instance: only someone who really knows their hip hop is going to even know who Special Ed is much less recognize the lyrics

I’m your idol, highest title, Numero Uno

But if they do… you instantly know they are authentic. If they don’t, when they ask about your shirt you can school ‘em. Either way, this is an opportunity to differentiate yourself and show everyone you’re the real deal not just some Internet poser.

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