TN Games has released a helmet that will complement their FPS Gaming Vest that lets you literally feel explosions, gunshots and blows that your character experiences in video games. Not to mention, make you look like the worlds biggest dork!

The HTX helmet
uses a similar technology as the FPS Vest, allowing you to feel blows to the head. YAY! Now we are all for a realistic gaming experience, but I am not sure that I want to feel what it is like to be shot in the head. Even though this would be the ultimate accessory an evil older brother, “ okay Johnny I will let you play… but you have to wear the helmet,” and it would make shooting your buddies in v.s. mode more fun…honestly people are evil.

So, if you have always wanted to feel yourself get shot in the head when you are gaming or if  you want to see your friends, pesky younger siblings and neighbors in pain, you definitely need the HTX Helmet, the FPS vest, and some serious counseling.

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