Some people take Buff Culture™ to well after their own deaths. Our obsession with beauty as perfection has certainly gotten expensive.  Extreme & expensive are words that come up in this wave a lot.  Now, we’ve seen people wishing to be laid to rest better looking and younger than when they heaved their last breath. According to a report by MSNBC, cosmetic procedures are booming at funeral homes. Morticians have been generally thought of as doing the ‘touching up’ work of corpses for open casket funerals, but now touching up isn’t enough. People want smoothed lines, perky breasts, plumper lips, the list goes on. One funeral home owner says he’s been told “I want you to get rid of my wrinkles and make me look younger.”

So it seems people are putting a lot more thought these days into their physical appearance at their grand finale. Perhaps it stems from the fact that an open casket funeral of a loved one makes for an incredibly intense mental snapshot that one would hardly forget. If you look at it that way – it might not seem so extreme.  Perhaps for those still living, cheating death’s ugly clasp is almost priceless.

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