It is an unfortunate situation that is becoming all too common, veterans return home only to find a whole new set of dangers that they must overcome. After surviving attacks by insurgents, roadside bombs, and IED,s they now face falling home values, a difficult employment market, and the long wait for disability benefits, this situation is bringing many veterans and their families the brink of financial destruction.

Congress has approved new legislation that should give veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan some much needed breathing room, but many experts feel that current measures are sufficient.

“We owe these men and women more than a pat on the back,” Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, told the New York Times.

Looks like broadening their skill sets will be on the cards for many of the returned soldiers.

“You fill out a job application and you can’t write ‘long-range reconnaissance and sniper skills,’ ” said Mr. Spurlock, who searched a year for a better-paying job than delivering pizza.


Source: New York Times

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