File this into the department of things that I would rather not visualize. Apparently, a new dermatological treatment that reduces the appearance of scarring and wrinkles named Vavelta is primarily derived from the foreskin of newborn infants. No, this is not some kind of strange voodoo, it is pure science and at least in this writer’s mind it is utterly unsettling.

The cosmetic benefits of foreskins have been long known (WOW! did I just write that?) they are rich in fibroblasts. These tiny cells play a crucial role in healing wounds and generating collagen and connective tissue.

The process begins by  (if you have a weak stomach or morbid imagination stop reading now) finely chopping up foreskins that are then treated with special enzymes, from this they derive the fibroblasts.

Vavelta says;

VAVELTA® is a skin repair and rejuvenation product intended to improve skin that is damaged by scarring and the aging process. VAVELTA® is a suspension of human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) in cell storage medium, for injection into the skin. HDFs are responsible for the production of collagen and when injected into the skin, they are intended to produce collagen

Vavelta appears to make skin smoother, thicker, more resilient and younger and reportedly has few side-effects. Despite the unpleasant nature of its source and the substantial cost of the treatment, $1200 per vial, there are already many individuals that claim that the drug has rid them of a lifetime of low self-esteem and self-consciousness resulting from acne scarring.

‘It doesn’t work on everyone or on every type of acne scar. But because scarring causes psychological damage, when the treatment works, we are talking about a life-changing effect.’ Dr Dr Robin Stones…. Mail Online.

The treatment has also been shown to be an effective treatment for scarring due to burns.  In my mind, the possibility of someone being able to change the course of their life by gaining a sense of self-esteem is enough for me to get over my initial knee jerk reaction to the product. At the same time,  I know that there aren’t many things that people wouldn’t do to be beautiful, including injecting foreskin into their face.

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