Let’s face it, with two working parents to provide for a family these days, and during these tough times, its little wonder that some parents actually spending less time with the baby or toddlers than do the babysitter or daycares. Unfortunately, that means missing out on a lot of things, like baby’s first steps, funny gestures, and plenty of embarrassing Kodak moments. Expecting a babysitter or daycare provider to let you in all of these things when they happen is just not practical either. Can you imagine writing a checklist out for them every single day or night? And expecting a full report there after? Nah,your kidding yourself if you think as a parent you won’t be missing out on something. The expectation alone is overwhelming. So to ease your anxiety, tiny-tales comes to your rescue. Coming in a variety of templates, the sites offers notes that can either work as instructions for you sitter in easy fill out steps, and/or as a template for your sitter to fill out at the end of the shift. The notes are meant to chronicle your little’s activities and adventures, so that you can safe keep your memories like a diary, a practical one for every busy parent making the sacrifice for baby’s future.  

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