In our search for the meaning of life, some have found that the answer lies not in a definite answer but in a process, an experience, something that leads us in a direction of how to give life meaning instead. Whether it is through self-discovery books, artistic trades, prayer, support groups, it doesn’t matter. The quest for personal direction is ultimately a quest for an inner happiness and peace. That quest has taken people everywhere, and for Ben Saunders & Alastair Humphreys, it’s taken them to Antarctica. Taking on the first return journey to the South Pole on foot, they’re taking on the longest unsupported polar journey in history. And as though their goal of completing the mission wasn’t enough, they’ve taken on the commitment of doing it with no carbon footprints behind them.

Their expedition called “South” starts in October of 2009. Till then, the two men are practicing and preparing themselves by taking on smaller feats, like hiking England’s 42 peak ‘Everest’ (aka Bob Graham Round) within 24 hours. Guess for some seeking inner balance, pushing physical strength and endurance is where they’ll find their meaning and adventure.

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