He can almost leap over buildings in a single bound, he is not quite as fast as a speeding bullet, and has nearly saved the day on numerous occasions, but always falls a little short. He’s Smokerman, the only Superhero that we know of that is a smoker. The problem is that he is not so super, because he smokes, and that is exactly the message that Truth Against Tobacco is trying to convey in their new ad campaign aimed at the 12 and under crowd.

Honestly, the Smokerman commercials are hilarious, but that is not to say they are not effective. In the 30 second spots, several young boys are playing with action figures, music is blasting, Powerman and Speedyman spring into action but Smokerman is out of breath leaning on a wall, a voice chimes, “ his one regret is a cigarette” .  The ad uses the supercharged atmosphere of  a toy ad to get the message to young boys that smoking will reduce your physical potential, give you wrinkles and make you stink both literally and action figuratively ( sorry for the bad pun)

Powerman Can! Speedyman Can! Smokerman…….. Can't !!!

Using elements of Guarding, Brandalism, and Corporate hating, The Smokerman Campaign is a funny, creative example of how to reach a young audience in a way that is both effective and entertaining. David Crowell, director of the agency that created the ads says,""Instead of touting a bunch of statistics or just talking about smoking's health effects, we needed to actually show the twelve-and-under audience what really happens when you become a smoker."

Click here to watch Smokerman in Action errrr Almost in Action!

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