Oppai means “breast”, and American children coming home singing a song with these kinds of lyrics would be nothing short of horrifying for many parents!  In fact, even explaining to children just how breastfeeding works is something of a taboo, and certainly a celebration of it in a culture that prefers to bottle feed is almost unheard of. Japan, albeit conservative, obviously sees it differently. We’re not quite sure what to make of the song ourselves, but we’re glad our eastern counterparts can grow up singing comfortably and proudly about the whole deal. Here’s a sample of some of the translated lyrics. Go to the link to check out their music video:

Japanese translation of a popular Japanese children song called “Oppai”:

I drank it. My sister also drank it.

But mother’s chest that doesn’t become small

I was going to touch it in the bath.

Milk became it from mother’s chest.

It was sweet or is not possible to recall it.

I am glad, and want to touch woman’s chest.
It’s very beautiful so. I’m  lovin’ it.

Oppai Song – Youtube

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