If 3-D doesn’t give Hi-Def television a run for their money we don’t know what will. Finally switching over from analog to hi-def, and already a faint voice is creeping up taunting, “gotta get 3-D, gotta get 3-D, gotta get 3-D!” Can you imagine a screen shot that literally makes your reflexes twitch and blood pressure rise out of mere in your face front row seat action? The NFL can. That’s why it will be broadcasting live (albeit privately) the next San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders game at select theaters Dec 4 in 3-D fashion. Real D Inc, responsible for powering the displays, says “We look forward to giving fans of live events the opportunity to feel like they’re in the front row.”

What’s better than “almost” catching that football? “Almost” catching that football in real time, with no worries of parking, crowds, lines, overpriced snacks, or being trampled on or falling over the half naked drunk fanatics around you. Yea. That’s a sports fan haven. But while general transmissions to publicly broadcast games live in 3D are still in the works, know you’ve got plenty of time to save up for a compatible box. While 3-D television sets are already available in stores, the industry is still working on technical standards which keep evolving as fast the technology growing. Give it another couple years, otherwise you’ll end up feeling like you did when you bought the first iphone, only to see a year later there’s a far better, and far cheaper model available.

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