You know we’re in bad shape when stock traders are looking to psychics for advice on their buy/selling decisions. If that doesn’t give you a clue as to the shape of the stock market, it should at least give you a taste of the desperation many are feeling during this economic hardship –because investors aren’t the only ones turning towards psychics for insight. Male and female clientele includes lawyers, doctors, insurance and business folk. In fact, fortune tellers across many spectrums have seen demand for their services and consultations grow exponentially over the last year. Reports of holiday bookings are up as much as 70%, website traffic has spiked up, and never ending calls to request consultations are exhausting. And at $75-1,000 for this kind of insight, clients obviously think it’s worth it.

Are we losing it? Nah, we think it’s safe to say people are just looking for a little peace of mind, because that’s really what clients are paying for. Paying others for their “expertise” regarding the unknown may or may not help change our future, but at a time when even the so-called experts scramble for explanations, it’s only rational that some would reach out to the, well, irrational for answers. What difference does it make whether a psychics predictions advice are right or wrong, they’re helping people get by day to day, filling the void of uncertainty with hope and a sense of control.

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