I originally wrote a rave on this thought about the diamond encrusted credit cards with 24/7 personal advisers and $1000 annual fees for the super rich of 3rd World countries that would have violated ‘W’s admonition to not say anything that sounded like class warfare, but the newly rich of any time or place have always gone in for the gaudy. What is hard to figure is how out of touch with the times MasterCard is to introduce these right now?

I realize that the banking classes are traditionally unconcerned with us peons, but as their cards are used by millions of the unwashed, you would think that they would have a little discretion with such things as the sound of flushing is heard in the economies of countries around the world.

But one also hears that the average Joe Plumber figures himself to be ‘middle class’ even when his or her fortunes have fallen to the place that they would easily qualify for food stamps, and that many millions are worried about taxing the rich because they might be there someday (they have medications for delusional thought, or so I am told).  So maybe it is me that is out of touch, but then again if things go much more south economically, a lot of people won’t be using credit cards anyway.

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