Now if would just add popup photos and vids as seen in google earth, we’d truly have the ultimate entertainment guide for visitors and tourists. We forgive you though, developers, because your site lands a spot in all three of our Virtual waves through the forefront wave of appealing to the senses. You took something simple –a map, and managed to make exploration navigation even easier. Soon to disappear are the days of browsing for local entertainment on city home webpage’s and Google, on the hope or chance that the scene is exactly what we were in the mood for. helps you experience the city’s culture by selecting how you’re feeling. Navigating you to all the spots in London that will help maximize that feeling, the sites map makes the decision process as easy as though you were a local suffering of boredom arguing with your pals on the latest hangout spot. With moods labeled naughty, hung-over, energetic, romantic, sophisticated, broke and girly or manly, there’s no easier shortcut way out there for deciding just what you’re, well, in the mood for. The site includes a New York City map, but it lacking destinations. If they had more, however, they’d certainly be giving Time Out magazine a run for their money.

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