It makes sense. Every other government funded entity has their own toys to use made specifically for them: fire department, military, emergency medical technicians, and mail carriers. So why haven’t police departments gotten their specially tailored vehicles? Not sure, but they will now. The fully loaded E7 Carbon Motor is what they’re getting, a vehicle designed especially for cops, by cops, featuring over 100 new details requested by officers. While a bit robo-copish, the vehicle screams “I’m in control” to the last detail, here’s a few:

-jumps curbs {check}

-molded solid back seat with no “stashing” cracks {check}

-biological, chemical & radiation sensors {check}

-substantially better fuel efficiency {check}

-suicide rear doors for easier criminal loading {check}

-laptop/printer station {check}

-flashlight holder {check}

-lo jack {check}

We have to admit the E7’s looks are a bit more intimidating than the retrofitted Chevy Impalas and Crown Victorias out there, but intimidation seems to go hand and hand when someone demonstrates that “it’s my world, my way.” (At least, that’s what we hope criminals feel when they get up close to one of these babies).

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