The Huffington Post leads with the pun ," Would You Go For Brooke With Brow Transplants?”

Bosley’s website calls the procedure “Eyebrow Restoration” and it is gaining poularity with women who have either lost their eyebrow hair for natural reasons, or have destroyed the follicles due to years of plucking. Fundamentally, “ Eyebrow Restoration” is the same procedure as traditional hair restoration surgery but applied to the eyebrows rather than the scalp.

No more cartoon-ish penciled in, or drag queen-esque brows!


The funny thing to me is that so many of the people that will choose to opt for this surgery probably destroyed their natural brows in their original search for perfection.

Societies standard of beauty giveth and societies standard of beauty taketh away.

What other restorative measures will be created to repair the damage that body altering practices created in the first place?

Maybe at some point when we have perfected the art of perfection we will turn to creating cosmetic imperfections, so we can restore a measure of human like charm our faces.

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