Wearing too much jewelry is a definite strike in the manly department. Unless you are a member of the Saudi Royal Family, the Mafia, or your name is Mr. T, wearing more than a few pieces of bling is going to make you look like a schmuck at best and at worst a pathetic excuse for a Liberachi impersonator.

Remember this my brothers, when it comes to jewelry …it is a thin line and hard fall!

That being said, we know that there are a lot of “guys guys” out there who want to add a little flash  without losing face, and if your one them you will be glad to find out that we have found the perfect item for you…. the engine ring.

Available for purchase over at Crusin’ World, you can choose from close to 80 variations of small and big block Chevy engines that can be recreated in the form of an engine ring. Sorry, Ford and Mopar Guys, as far as we can tell it’s Chevy only.

Crusin’ World says,” Measurements of the actual engines were taken and down sized to make these rings as accurate as possible. All engine rings are carefully designed, complete with wiring, distributors and accurate firing sequences.”

Each ring is custom made in sterling silver with brass accents, in your size, with the engine type of your choosing.

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