OK, here’s one that I totally need! My mother, TO THIS DAY, nags me about my posture.  It used to really bug me.  No matter what the social situation was, she would either lean in and hiss in my ear or bark at me like a drill sergeant.  UGH! My skin is crawling just writing about it!! However, over time something changed my mind. I started to notice myself in photos or video (the ones where I wasn’t in one of my usual exaggerated poses) and she was right.  I did look much better with my shoulders back and tummy in.  In my natural tendency to behave and dress like a teenage boy (FYI I’m a Gen X female), I really didn’t realize how unflattering my slouching was.  Ok, so there’s the problem- -now check out the fix: The iPosture is a necklace nano-sensor that detects when slouching kicks in and your angle deviates just three degrees from the optimal position for longer than a minute. It subsequently emits a warning to straighten you out. It doesn’t produce an electric shock (although I would probably need that) it only vibrates. But you’ll be feeling, taller, slimmer, more confident… and my Mom will have to find something else to nag about.

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