A study published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research demonstrates that a byproduct of steel production commonly known as slag may be key to reducing green house gasses.

Professor Mourad Kharoune’s research suggests a new method to sequester, or capture, carbon dioxide so that it does not contribute to global warming using steel slags.

According to an article in Scientific Blogging:

In the study, Kharoune suggests that electric arc furnace (EAF) and ladle furnace (LF) slag suspensions could be used for greenhouse-gas sequestration. According to the report, the ladle furnace slag suspension's capacity to sequester emissions was 14 times higher than that of the EAF suspension, possibly due to the LF's higher content of a rare mineral called portlandite.

Climate experts estimate that steel production creates 1.34 billions tons of co2 world wide each year. This research may enable an industry that is beleaguered by environmentalists become an environmental fairy tale.


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