Scientists are working on solving several power problems at once.  We currently have an aging, overloaded power grid which has to be over-built to supply peak demands, alternative power sources which supply clean power but not always at the most needed times, and transportation which sucks up imported fuels and spews out pollutants. The envisioned future being designed now has electrically propelled autos that plug in when not in use, taking in power at off-peak times and supplying power back to the grid from their storage media (batteries or whatever replaces them) or hydrogen fuel cells. It seems ridiculous to think of car batteries running factories and home AC units, but it seemed ridiculous to have clusters of  PC’s to do the job of super-computers,  yet that is a current reality. Just as thousands of small computers can do big jobs, millions of automobiles may soon do a similar thing.

Hydrogen powered cars at a competitive price and the infrastructure to support them may be a long ways away, but plug-in electric powered autos which can be backed up by bio-diesel or alternatively produced fuels are coming to a show-room near you in the next year or two. Since the kind of driving most people do most of the time will allow these vehicles to run off their rechargeable batteries without resorting to fueled back-ups, you can guess what the next run-up in fuel prices will do to their popularity.   

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