There are always two ways of looking at a situation.

It is common knowledge that the United States has lagged behind in creating sustainable industry and alternative energy. That fact can be seen as a problem or an opportunity.

Green Jobs Now is a national initiative for activism and to show support across the US for the creation of a greener economy. If you go to the website and scroll through report after report from events held across the country you can't help but think the time is right for entrepeneurs to make good on this demand.

Both political candidates have acknowledged that the environment is a genuine security concern for the United States. If that is not enough reason to pursue more environmentally friendly sources of energy and industry it has also been demonstrated over and over again that many of these solutions can be big money savers in the long term for both industry and individuals.

The price of gas and food has made sustainability a key concern in the minds of the consumers, the public is hungry for solutions but no one as of yet has answered this demand.

For many of these consumers saving money and creating jobs is as much an issue, if not more, than the environment. Regardless of their motivation, people are ready for a new era of green jobs and sustainable solutions. The only question is who and when  will corporations step up and bring the people what they want.

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