…according to Restaurateur Edward Ng, who owns 2 restaurants in Sydney and another two in Melbourne Australia.  For this China man, religion and culture have everything to do with the success of his businesses. Ng believes in ‘feng shui ‘, an ancient practice that the Chinese believe can elevate or hurt your prosperity. Feng Shui is all about energy flow, where maximizing positive energy and minimizing negative energy flows involves the balance of the five elements: fire, water, earth, metal and wood. If these elements are not balanced, in say your restaurant, then you won’t be as successful as your competitors. Mr. Ng has consulted a Feng Shui master from China in examining the layout and floor plan of his newest restaurant, and looks to him for guidance and advice before opening up any restaurant. “I would have broken the lease rather than go ahead if he was negative,” stated Mr. Ng.   Might sound a little extreme for many Westerners standards but so could be said of those who leave their fates to astrology charts no? Call it superstition or religion but we all have an inner self seeking balance with the elements of life around us because it gives a sense of meaning, control, and self-actualization.

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