Hong Kong is no stranger to the bustling crowds and dizzying lights that make up New York City. In fact, the two share almost the same population, NYC with an estimated 8 million people and Hong Kong with 7 million. But some will argue Hong Kong is even faster paced because of the amount of ambitious people there seeking to “amass as much wealth as possible.” One blogger living in Hong Kong proudly notes the galore of gourmet restaurants and luxury retail stores filled by work alcoholic employees and patrons alike.  However, the endlessly tall skyscrapers and dense humidity make for a stifling and ‘claustrophobic’ environment. And even for this young local, it can be a little much. Business owners responded to residents who need a moment away without actually getting away by making the interiors of their business stark white. Restaurants, shopping malls and apartment lobbies entirely white allows patrons a surrounding in which the can slow down and escape the frenzy of colours outside. As this blogger explains, “even though white is considered a sign of death out there…it really is soothing to the eye.”

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