Britney may have chosen to shave her head but for  1 in 4 caucasian men baldness is an unwelcome fact of life. 

The good news is two studies published in the Journal of Nature Genetics may offer help for the follically challenged man in your life.

Researchers have identified the genes responsible for male pattern baldness and have demonstrated success in using stem cell therapies to reverse it’s effects in clinical trials.

Treatments that target the DNA responsible may be more promising, said Tim Spector, who led the GlaxoSmithKline Plc gene study. The outlook for our friend Britney may not be so bright.

    As we have reported before the quest for eternal youth will go much further than skin deep. Stem cell therapies are quickly moving towards becoming a reality in the field of cosmetic medicine.

The market for drugs that battle baldness in men is huge. Drug maker Merck’s Propecia saw 405.5 million in cells alone last year.
It may be several years before a viable stem cell therapy for baldness becomes available, but with a market as large as this one it seems like it will only be a matter of time before cosmetic stem therapies become a reality.

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