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I began reading this thought with trepidation- we seem to be closer and closer to playing God everyday and in every way, and the medical field is at the forefront of this trend. It is no wonder that as our powers for what we call good and evil expand geometrically, more and more people seem to be seeking shelter from this in conservative politics and religious dogma. Yet, by the time I reached the end of the article and read about all the ramifications of quickly harvesting organs, the decision processes that the physicians involved are using, and the involvement of patients and ‘next-of-kin’, the same conclusion that I have reached on many other legal and ethical questions seems to apply here. That is, once the proper safeguards are in place and followed by the medical personnel, we have to make our own decisions on these things and leave church and state out of it. We can’t be parented all our lives and it’s time we grow up culturally and make our own choices. A government that plays daddy to us in private matters of any kind ends up being Big Brother and religious leaders who take on this kind of power, well, have you heard of witch burnings and the inquisition?

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