Funny how a television network that has a whole site, Think, dedicated to environmental activism and news would actually be responsible for clearing a rain forest, trashing it, and then leaving it that way after filming its newest reality series.

In fact, Mtv leads the environmental campaign “Break the Addiction”, a recent year long campaign looking to fight global warming and over consumption while encouraging teens to go green. They even have a bit on “The Green Real World,” showing audiences how cast members help protect the planet. Photos were taken by a tourist visiting Boca Del Drago in the Republic of Panama, where Mtv was filming an episode for their Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Even worse, Mtv had hired local police to guard the public beach and keep anyone not part of production from entering until the filming, and destruction, was over.

The photo you see above has been spreading through the internet like a meme, and rightfully so. Perhaps Mtv better sit back and “Think” a little harder next time about saying one thing and doing another.

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