If you are looking for a way to get in touch with your Jewish roots but are worried about your carbon footprint and are looking to stay in shape, besides the fact that  you are unbelievably trendy, we have found the perfect vacation idea for you.

Run the City is the first company in Israel to combine jogging, ecology, and tourism.

Tours include:

Tel Aviv Roots and Tradition: A tour of some historic milestones of the city such as the American-German colony, old Jaffa, Neve Tsedek, the Trumpeldor Cemetery and the Bialik house.
Tel Aviv Luxury & Diamonds: A look at the glitzier side of Tel Aviv that includes the Diamond Stock Exchange District, Chen Boulevard, and the city’s elite apartment complexes.

Run the City’s team of jogging tour guides will meet you wherever you happen to be staying and lead you on a leisurely paced tour of your choice. Tours of Holy sites are in the works and since you are propelling yourself instead of taking a carbon spewing tour bus you can catch up on your Israeli history while contributing to a greener future.

via Green Prophet 

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