This is not the first pocket sized projector we have seen out there but, it is the first from a manufacturer as large and reputable as Toshiba. The 100 gram, LED, projector was launched without much hype or fanfare, but we are betting that tiny projectors will start showing up everywhere, literally.  This definitely caters to the consumer mantra," I want what I want when I want it". With this tiny projector you can create your own private theater anytime, anywhere. Watch videos with friends in an alley, project footage on the guys back in front of you, and of course the possibility for mischief is sky-high. I can see the porn being projected on the walls already.

I can definitely see this as a must have feature for cell phones three or four generations from now. The possibilities really become endless then. Send Grandma a video of the grandkids that she can then project directly from her phone and share with her friends. Stream content from the web and play it back on a large screen, give a power point presentation, rather than using your small screen on your cell phone for web browsing project a larger image onto another surface so you can see clearly and use your phone for navigation.  Consider the posssibilities.

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