Decades of sometimes well-intentioned western efforts to ‘modernize’ African agriculture have yielded famine and disaster. You can say that population growth, global warming and warfare are primary causes of the problems, and this is doubtless true, but anyone who still believes in wholesale transitioning of 1st world agriculture technologies to 3rd world countries where 1$ a day incomes are a norm is a prime candidate as a buyer of the Brooklyn bridge.

African scientists, aided by U.N., European and Japanese funding and support,  are working out methods of micro-fertilization combining ages-old manure-in-the-hole organic techniques with small amounts of fertilizer added at planting time to increase yields. Full results may take years of refinements to know, but beginning with methods and resources familiar to the people faming these lands seems like a good start. Combine these efforts with those of others to stop soil degradation by controlling erosion through tree plantings and the use of char to revitalize impoverished soils and a real improvement for African agriculture could be brought to fruition.



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