Decisions, decisions, decisions! Everyday of our lives we have to make hundreds of decisions, some trivial, some life changing. Now more than ever consumers are given an unprecedented amount of choice and variety but is that always good?  

Beverage Giant Coke is currently busy testing a next generation soda fountain that would be capable of dispensing close to a hundred different flavors. I can’t even name a hundred different flavors, can you?

A press release from Coke says…

The new dispenser, which fits in about the same space as a current eight-valve machine, uses high-concentrate ingredients to store more beverages. Adding a new brand is “about as easy as changing a print cartridge,”

This feat is made possible through the use of highly concentrated ingredients.

Of course every retailer wants to give their customers what they want but, the simple fact of the matter is that most people have enough trouble deciding what to eat for lunch if you then give them a list of over one hundred beverages to choose from their poor little head is likely to explode.

If the Machine does make it to market I will be heading straight for the bottled beverages. There is no way I am going to patiently wait for the lady in front of me to painfully decide between the kiwi-strawberry-lime or the diet chocolate cherry vanilla.

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