British sculptor and super creepy Kate Moss fan Marc Quinn has announced that a $2.8 million, 110-pound solid gold statue of his most prominent Moss sculpture will be unveiled at the British Museum in October. Hailed as the largest gold sculpture built in the world since ancient Egypt. I haven’t heard or not if Ms Moss actually had anything to do with the project, but I highly doubt it. That‘s why this stinks of BRANDALIZM in the best way. His earlier tributes to the controversial, coke-snorting, cigarette smoking, cab driving supermodel are in fact even creepier and pervy than his latest opus. His earlier work depicts Kate in poses often seen in circus side-show contortionists. Also, this body of work closely resembles the pregnant Brittney spears sculptures created by Daniel Edwards back in 2006. That’s the funny thing about BRANDALIZM, the evidence we find is not always something that should be. Sometimes it makes us uncomfortable how much some people feel for a certain subject, in this instance, Kate Moss. I can only imagine her reaction upon hearing of this rather large series of overtly sexual and metaphorical pieces of art. 


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