Many Americans still go through High School without one mandatory basic accounting class, (you know, the kind that teaches you how to balance your check book before you graduate), but at least we’ve always had home-ec!

According to BBC, England has passed a government initiative to combat obesity by ordering all children 11-15 years old to take cooking classes starting in 2011. The government will also be issuing the children free cookbooks made of simple recipes. The cookbook has a foreword by top chef Phil Vickery who says, “Cooking is a skill and often it is not learned at an early enough age. Once you can cook the basics you will have the best survival tool in the box to take you into adult life.”

DVR Lifestyle is about consumers saying age has nothing to do with how I act or feel, but this is an interesting take on the powers above saying it absolutely shouldn’t. Especially when it comes to a skill that can dramatically change the scales as we get older, literally. I can’t foretell how youngsters will react to these cooking lessons at home and in schools, but I’m guessing the creativity and basic ingredients used in the cookbooks will make for a fun time.  School’s Secretary Ed Balls told BBC that people shouldn’t “take pride” in not being able to cook, and “Too many people just accept they cannot cook or simply do not have time for it.”

Perhaps we should make Home-ec mandatory here in the States. Or we must be cooking the wrong dishes in class because that’s clearly not working out for us.

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