Does using prophylactics signify of lack of trust or feeling of commitment towards one’s partner? I guess to some people it does. In lieu of a shared life, mutual earned trust, and faith in each others character, or at most a symbol of it, Pendarvis Harshaw, with Youth Radio, suggested in a national NPR broadcast that having sex without a condom was equivalent to an engagement ring if the decision is reached with time and a visit to the health clinic for disease screenings and birth control. Even with this responsible addendum, NPR’s comment board regarding the Youth Radio piece contains harsh denouncements by numerous individuals and an equal outpouring of young people agreeing with the segment. Harshaw says that today’s youth have grown up fully aware of the risk of pregnancy, AIDS, and other STDs, so deciding to “trash those Trojans,” or go “hand in hand down the health clinic hallway” is simply a “more practical” way of symbolically marking the transition of a relationship into a more committed affair. Some of the other young, but unnamed commenters on the segment also likened “losing the latex” to saying I love you. According to one of them, not using a condom is “like saying I love you without having to say that.” I’m skeptical about what percentage of young ladies would agree with Harshaw’s guest, but I’m sure his strategy would prove more entertaining than an initial and awkward exchange of mutual sentiment.

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