I spent some considerable time in NYC last year, and without a doubt hands down the biggest nusance in exploring the big apple wasn't the smelly subways, the crowded noisy streets, nor  the constant peddlers or homeless bums asking for change with signs like, "Spaceship broke. Help." No, not even the sweaty middle eastern perverted cab drivers who would constantly try to land a number before dropping me off to my destination. The biggest nusance of all, was just finding a clean bathroom! The Solution: Diaroogle.com.  A human powered search engine it's basically a mobile toilet finder, made to run nicely through your mobile phone so that you can, well…go. Using Google Maps, just type in a street name, address, or zip in NYC and the site will deliver you a list of nearby toilets with descriptions and ratings as given by those who have already 'gone' before you. "Toilets popping up in a area near you, no matter what your lifestyle." …jeje, LOVE IT.  

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