In the US, Wrangler jeans have a wholesome and iconic American image, not in France. Wrangler has recently released an ad campaign titled, “We Are Animals,” one of the posters for the campaign features a lifeless looking woman lying face down in a river only wearing a torn pair of Wrangler jeans, at the bottom of the poster are the words, “We are Animals”.  Bizarre! Maybe if this were a Diesel campaign it would not seem so strange but I have always associated Wrangler jeans with the classic rural American stereotype of the hard workin’ , god fearin’, family man, not recently murdered French models. 

The television spots are quite a bit more tame than the pictorial ads, they feature semi-naked French models slightly obscured by foliage, that gives them a very animalistic appearance, playing some sort of sexual charged game of hide and seek, but no dead bodies, or murder/rape scenes. Maybe Wrangler’s image is a little racier in France but I can only imagine how their American demographic would react to these ads

I have included a photo of a recent American Wrangler ad for sake of juxtaposition, I think when viewed side by side, the contrast between these two images makes idea behind the Barely Legal Wave apparent.

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