ASUS's Four New Scented Models

We all are familiar with that, “new car smell”, but what about that new laptop smell?
PC maker ASUS is raising the bar in the competition to create laptops that appeal to our senses. While many companies are creating models that offer custom graphics and features, to our knowledge ASUS is the first computer maker that is creating scented laptops.

From their Website:

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in the world of personal laptops and celebrate individuality with the ASUS F6 scented notebooks. The compact and stylish F6 engages the eyes with attractive motifs and for the first time, our sense of smell with infused scents*. Available in four captivating designs, these special edition notebooks not only look good, but are also expressions of the user’s taste and character!

The four models are named: Floral Blossom, Musky Black, Morning Dew, and Aqua Ocean. The Floral Blossom and Musky Black mix the idea of Sensory Appeal with the concept of Guys and Dolls.

Here are the descriptions:

Floral Blossom

In glorious pink, this design evokes the imagery of a summer party, leaving the somber feel of conventional laptop designs far behind with its cheerful, floral motif and a floral scent – the most attractive laptop for ladies!

Musky Black
Boasting a glossy black surface emblazoned with a colorful motif inspired by extreme sports and graffiti art, this model emanates power, daring, and energy with its playfulness and musky scent.

This is a great example of how Culturewaves can be applied to your business.

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