When Mad Magazine recently published a cover page parody of Circuit City entitled Sucker City, the retailer’s initial reaction was stupid, they jerked the magazines off their shelves. Jim Babb, the PR guy for the company, earned his salary by diffusing the situation. He wrote a rather amusing apology letter to the magazines editors which demonstrated that he had read the parody and restored the rag to store shelves. He wrote, “The parody of our newspaper ad in the August MAD was very clever. Most of us at Circuit City share a rich sense of humor and irony…but there are occasional temporary lapses. As a gesture of our apology and deep respect for the folks at MAD Magazine, we are creating a cross-departmental task force to study the importance of humor in the corporate workplace and expect the resulting Powerpoint presentation to top out at least 300 pages, chock full of charts, graphs and company action plans. In addition I have offered to send the MAD Magazine Editor a $20.00 Circuit City Gift Card, toward the purchase of a Nintendo Wii….if he can find one!" This story is circulating all over the internet and, in my opinion, makes Circuit City look better than they did before the faux pas. The next time a make a potentially costly public gaff I’ll give Babb a call. This guy really knows how to make lemons into lemonade.

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