The Toyota Prius is a lot of things, economical, environmentally friendly, popular, but sexy and stylish it is not. An article in Wired chronicles the story of a Swedish reporter and his quest to pimp-out a humble and somewhat homely Prius. After spending eight weeks and nearly $ 185,000 dollars, reporter Claes Gustafson and the crew at Classe's Garage created a Prius that will definitely not get lost in the parking lot. The ride features 20-inch rims, 15 flat screens, and a tablet pc complete with wireless Internet access, an eye-catching custom paint job and a 4400-watt stereo system that is capable of waking the dead.

Gustafson told Wired, The goal … was to give the viewer a great show and, second, to show that a Toyota isn't a boring and anonymous car."  The idea, he says, was "to show that every car can be styled."

This car is definitely not boring and anonymous any longer! Anyone driving this Prius is certainly not going to be accused of lacking individuality, even if their level of taste if somewhat suspect.

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