Adriatic Coast, Italy:
What do you do when your congregation can’t make it to mass because they are on holiday? You bring the church to them! This inflatable church is a great example of  Pop-up Culture and is the latest strategy by Italian church leaders to make getting to church easier for the Christian faithful.

The church that is pictured here was set up on the beaches of Sardenia in order to provide a place of worship for Christians on holiday.  The inflatable cathedral only takes five minutes to inflate and was specifically designed for the beach. The design comes complete with an alter, apse, and confessional. The  inflatable church is a response to dwindling attendance of churches in Italy, in some areas attendance levels have fallen as low as 10%.

Outside of beachgoers and youngpeople the concept could provide a convenient place of worship for people in remote areas or for the aged who may not be able to transport themselves. This definitely is an embodiment of the human truth statement, “ Meet me where I am.”

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