Google’s marketing utensil, AdSense, will soon be invading video games. Whats this mean? Gamers will start to be subverted through their passion, and they have little choice in the matter.

                I can still remember a time when there wasn’t 20 minutes of advertising and commercials, actual commercials, in front of our movies. When our cinema was still untainted by the period of time between the normal advertisements and the previews where people talk on their cell phones, babies cry unchecked and the collective eye-rolling of the general movie going populace numbers in the hundreds of thousands.  Imagine this in video games. You load up your new game, freshly unwrapped from the cellophane wrapping, pop it in, and an advert for deodorant comes up on your screen. “Lost that fresh feeling while killing bloodthirsty zombies? Use our antiperspirant!” Not to mention the potential for product placement is off the charts. Utilizing billboards for in-game real world products, having Nascar-esqu sponsor stickers on your player, product dropping within the environments.

                The upside to this is that as product placement within games evolves so will the realism. Eventually immersive games will be just as saturated with advertising as our every day world that we live in, the ultimate example of art imitating life.

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