Fox's most anticipated shows this fall, Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles and Fringe, will be premiering online simultaneously, but only for college students. You'll have to log on to from a .edu college based domain email address in order to catch the streamed premieres on September 8 and 9. The decision by Fox executives to target this demographic audience came after noticing that top visitors on their online site were from college based domains. These days, college students are more likely to have a computer than a television, and television can be viewed on many of today’s computer screens.  

The networks are also hoping the free online streaming will keep viewers from illegal downloading of episodes on other sites. Meeting college students where they are most likely to be found—online, seems like a simple tactic. However, this is special in that generally hit shows are only released online after their primetime airdate, not before! Giving College kids that extra edge will help develop the networks fan base. And that’s exactly what they’re seeking to do.

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