They say that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks. When it comes to outdated fashion it may take a little longer for it to grow back into the newest trend, but rest assured it will be back. Grunge is back on the scene for fall fashion and coming back with it is our old friend Dr. Marten.

In the 90’s there wasn’t a self respecting punk or grunge rocker who didn’t have at least one pair of Doc’s in their closet. Clunky, durable, comfortable a pair of Doc’s was a must have. I am guessing that a whole generation of teens and their Gen X counterparts, who were the originators of this style are going to welcome back these kicks like a long lost friend.

Not, everyone in the fashion industry is thrilled about the return of the grunge era icon. Fashion blog Thread Trend has this to say about the high-heeled Doc’s pictured above.

Gross! I must say, I love a wooden heeled boot, but not in this case.

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Blog, TrashBagAesthetics says..

I am at a total lost for words right now…. I never thought that my love for Dr. Martens could get any more serious!

Love them or hate them…They’rrrrrrre Baaaaaaacccckk!!!

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