This fall college students are going to cut back on food portions, albeit unknowingly. That's because Colleges across the U.S. are going tray less in their dining halls and cafeteria's.  The move will reduce food waste and lower energy costs, ultimately making for a more eco-friendly campus. Here's the logic, without a tray to fill up with items, students will naturally just stick with what they can carry in their hands. Not only does that mean less food, but less water which had been previously used to wash the trays. According to Education Food Services, a dining company serving about 500 schools nationwide, "students waste 25% to 30% less food when they aren't carrying a tray, and dining halls save a third- to a half-gallon of wash water per tray, on average." The University of Maine at Farmington reported an overrall reduction of  in food waste of 65,000 pounds and conserved 288,288 gallons of water. Now that's savings. 

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