It’s 12:30 am, everyone in the house is asleep, the house is quiet, do you know where your double stuffed Oreo’s are? Well if they have magically appeared in your mouth you are not alone. Late night snacking is a problem for many people trying to lose weight and in those precious few “me” hours that you cherish in the middle of the night it is not uncommon that we sooth ourselves with a diet wrecking overdose of indulgency. A story from Martha Beck’s Blog via Lifehacker begs the question is your diet the problem or is it your mind that needs attention?

“The starved and frightened brain drives overeating and low metabolism.  The calm and secure brain drives a very different set of biological motivators and consequences. In other words, when your brain is fixed, you eat less and burn off excess as heat, whereas the “famine brain” caused by stress and hunger.”

This interesting junction of Buff Culture and Pacifiers illustrates the interconnectedness of our body and mind that is often ignored in our society. An interesting way to calm our minds and to reduce our “ starvation mindset”, that the article presents, is to pamper ourselves in other ways, a pedicure, a long bath, or any thing else that qualifies as a non-caloric indulgence. By calming and soothing our body and mind in this way, and taking a second to explore and understand the roots of our cravings we can give ourselves what we really desire, comfort and security.

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