The successful British potato chip manufacturer Tyrrell is branching out into other potato related areas, namely vodka. They have begun production of a high end artisanal potato vodka that will be made from potatoes that are too small to make potato chips. In another clever use of their existing resources, the company will be powering their distillery from biodiesel produced with the used vegetable oil that the company’s chips are fried in. The distillery is being financed in part from a £5 million regional prize Tyrrell won in the Bank of Scotland’s £25 million Entrepreneurial Challenge. Beyond the ongoing blow to the temperance movement, the only real problem was the citizens of Herefordshire where the distillery has been built. Numerous petitions were circulated late last year to block the construction of the facility because of the anticipated road traffic and noise associated with the estimated production of 3,600 bottles of vodka per week. The petitions eventually failed and the chip maker has now officially moved its successful brand name into a related, but essentially new market. The vodka is organic and reportedly has a hint of potato flavor.

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