Ever look at your watch (or more accurately anymore, your cell phone) and wonder how much time you have left? I don’t mean how much time you have left till you go home at night, or until dinner is ready; I mean left-on this Earth-in this mortal coil.

            Designer Crispin Jones has thought up a watch that does just that: it reminds us that hey, any second now, we might die. It is a stark reminder of our mortality and our frailness. And yes, it is merely a watch with some fancy hand design, but at the same time it’s a commentary on our relationship with time, including our perception of how short our own time may be. It makes you want to take a moment and really examine everything around you: the smells, sights and sounds.

            I think that many designers will be looking more towards giving time pieces a jump start, making them more interesting and much more personal. In a digital age, where home phones and watches are on the sharp decline, I think some people will start looking towards analog methods as a way to stand out and be unique.

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