What happens when you get seven extremely superficial bitchy girls in a house together? You get a lot of drama. Drama, name-dropping, looks slamming, and call outs. So what happens when these girls get told they’re actually in this house because they’re such evil bitches? You get The N’s new show, Queen Bees. The idea behind the show is seven girls who are extremely mean and selfish are nominated by friends and family to what they think is a “Biggest Diva” competition, however when they get there they are told that they’re there because everyone back home is tired of their crap. So, with the help of a psychologist and challenges that force them to change their points of view, they begin a road to change. And as an incentive, the one who changes the most gets $25,000. What’s better is they can’t fake it, because they’re constantly monitored, so every minor detail is caught on film, and they get told about it, sometimes its even worth replaying in front of everyone, to expose the true meanness of the girls. I think this is a great Inner Balance piece, because it’s about the struggle to find it, and about how hard it is to change.


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