With the popularity of gummy strips sold for breath mint, you have probably gotten used to the idea of eating small plastic-like sheets of paper. How about washing your hair or laundry with them? If you fail to see the functionality, think about airports and the fear of explosive gel. The weight and volume issue might be nice for shipping and the light packing traveler as well. Having had shampoo containers virtually explode in my luggage, I can see a tidy little strip offering peace of mind too.  The strips can be worked into a lather using nearly any liquid, even sea water works. To date, there are no strips of conditioner, but one can always dream. Each package contains 30 soap strips of paper shampoo. The company also markets laundry paper as a convenient portable detergent. Frankly, I’m impressed. The whole idea seems so appealing; I just hope they didn’t have to kill baby dolphins to pull it off.

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