Findings published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology determined that men are more likely to think negatively of their partner when an attractive women flirts with them, while women are more likely to attempt to strengthen their relationship when an attractive man flirts with them. The experiments were conducted with 724 heterosexual college age men and women who self described themselves as in a serious relationship. Half of the individuals were unsuspectingly introduced to an attractive member of the opposite sex who flirted with them and half were introduced to an attractive member of the opposite sex who ignored them. Afterwards, the individuals were given a questionnaire that asked them how they would react if their partners were to do various things which annoyed or upset them. The men who were flirted with were 12% less likely to forgive their partners than the men who were not flirted with, whereas women who were flirted with were 17% more likely to forgive their partner than the women who were not flirted with. As with any gender studies conducted in the context of a single culture, it is impossible to say if these differences arise due to some biological distinction between sexes, or is simply a matter of differential socialization.

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