This piece is about two great subjects: people’s enthusiasm for brands and machine guns. BRANDALIZM is fun this way. Just like with anything if somebody  likes a company enough they will try to make it appear in as many aspects of their life as possible. Such is the case with these two great examples of people promoting their favorite brands.the first being the Dewalt M-16. David Wiggins just so happen to have an extra M-16 laying around, and because he is such an advocate of Dewalt tools so much and lives just a few miles down the road from the factory that makes the tools, he decided to modify his assault rifle to resemble the famous drill. He was able to get original stickers and battery casings. After some careful dremmeling and a layer of Krylon, he had the DeWalt-16. Lets be clear, this thing still shoots bullets, not nails.

gun 2

. Next is my personal favorite the hello kitty/ hell kitty AR-15. In an effort to make this gun “cute” enough for his wife, this California resident has done a very adorable modification to this semi-automatic rifle. Like I said before, BRANDALIZM is about voluntarily promoting or destroying brands. This guy obviously thinks hello kitty makes the gun “female friendly”. This just goes to show how Americans have three great loves: their guns, their tools, and their wives. Go USA!! 

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